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E-Learning Suite DOKEOS:

Looking for a complete solution to manage your e-learning projects of strategic and sustainable way?Need a dedicated product to create courses, track your training e-learning or distribute your videoconferencing? Discover more Dokeos e-learning.


E-learning Simple

  • Create online training courses
  • Follow the progress of your learners
  • Integrate your existing content

  • Go to the E-LEARNING MORE on all your devices
  • Get started creating your account

Create your training

Easily design of customized training modules with different products SUITE DOKEOS.

Scenarise few

Hits unique learning path through many simple and intuitive features.

Follow your learners

Suivez ProgressionEvaluate the skills of your students on the basis of questionnaires or situation.

Develop and organize online assessments

and navigate to the detailed results through integrated reporting tool.

Integrate your content

Intregrer ContenueEasily reuse your own training materials.

Tap into your existing resources: import content

from your computer to integrate your training modules.


Connection DokeosAccess your SUITE DOKEOS everywhere and all the time on all your devices.

No installation

Aucune InstallationA password just to access your personal space online.

Use SUITE DOKEOS not necessities

no software downloads to your computer and requires no special technical skill.